La Reina Roja

The Reina Roja Restaurant is a restaurant located in the heart of the Chiapanecan jungle within the Hotel Kin Balam, just a few minutes before arriving at the Archaeological Zone of Palenque.

Where you can find an extensive menu of Breakfasts and drinks to start the day in Palenque and in the afternoon to taste a varied and complete meal, while taking a break to continue continuing with the tour of the Magical Town Palenque.
The atmosphere of the restaurant is totally ecological, with comfortable wooden tables where you can breathe a pure atmosphere of all the vegetation of the Palenque area.

At night, the restaurant has Dinners and Drinks of all kinds to spend a comfortable and pleasant evening, ready to take a well-deserved rest in this Magical place, some nights you can enjoy live musical ambience by groups of diverse music that will liven up your dinner in different nights a week.

The restaurant has typical food of the region as well as international dishes and vegan options.



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